Crosby Division

Division Commissioner: Liz Sinker

Crosby Division comprises three area – Crosby, Waterloo and Seaforth.

Crosby was an important village even before Liverpool developed. It has Viking roots, and the name Crosby comes from the Old Norse – Krossabyr – village with the cross. To this day a wooden cross exists near the centre of the village.

The Division is bounded by the River Mersey and several miles of coastline, the beach is home to Anthony Gormley’s another place – 100 life size statues each a cast of Gormley himself, which stretch along the beach to Waterloo.

In the 19th Century the First Lord of the Admiralty described sea views here as second only to the Bay of Naples. The area also boasts a wide promenade which forms part of the Sefton Coastal Path. The environs also include a marina and numerous parks.

Famous Crosbians include Vincent Gerard Nicols, Archbishop of Westminster; Anne Robinson, TV Presenter; Cherie Blair wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair ( she was a Brownie in one of our units) and the Robert Runcie, Archbishop of Canterbury 1980 – 1991.

The Crosby Division standard was made by Askey & Quine of Liverpool in memory of Adeline Rees, a former division commissioner and dedicated at a division service on 13th May 1984.

The symbols on the standard represent:

  • The field: Guide blue with a border of twisted cords, two blue, one gold.
  • Hoist: The gold Guide badge, The County of Sefton badge (gold with red Lancashire rose in the centre) and the Crosby cross (silver).
  • The Crosby cross was part of the Crosby coat of arms. Crosby is now defunct as a borough and is part of Sefton metropolitan Borough. Crosby means “The place of the crosses”.

Originally there were four districts in the division and they each chose their own symbols to go on the standard:

  • North: Windmill in silver – a medieval windmill is situated on the main road into Southport.
  • South: a “Lymphiad” (sailing ship) in gold representing Seaforth Docks & shipping.Central:
  • A cavalry cross in silver. The old cross is in Crosby village.
  • West: Setting sun in gold across a silver sea. Two wavy silver lines on which the Lymphiad is sailing.