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The Sefton County Badge

The Sefton County Badge that all members wear on their uniform is available as a cloth or metal badge from the county badge secretary.

It shows the red rose of Lancashire on the yellow cross of Sefton on a blue background representing the sky with the River Mersey flowing underneath.

The cross of Sefton is also known as the Molyneux cross after the Molyneux family whose powerful allegiances led to an acquisition of lands and wealth throughout the period 1100–1700 when the family were Lords of the manor at Sefton.

Girlguiding Sefton County badge

How the Girlguiding County of Sefton came into being:

The Metropolitan Borough of Sefton is one of the six boroughs that make up the Liverpool City Region. Sefton was officially incorporated as a ‘Metropolitan Borough’ in 1974, when it became responsible for the administration of the county boroughs of both Southport and Bootle, as well as taking control of Crosby, Formby, Litherland, Maghull and some rural areas from Lancashire. With its 22 miles of coastline, Sefton is predominantly a coastal borough.

The seaside town of Southport is the largest in the borough, its early history as a resort destination goes back over many centuries. The second biggest town in Sefton is Bootle, which in contrast, owes much of its growth to the Industrial revolution. With its mass of docklands stretching all the way along the whole of the river front.

At around the same time as the Metropolitan Borough of Sefton was created the girlguiding counties in North West England were reorganised and Girlguiding Sefton came into being.

Today we are made up of 8 divisions; 6 of which are geographically in Sefton (Bootle & Litherland, Crosby, Formby, Maghull, Southport Blundell and Southport Hesketh) and 2 in West Lancashire (Asland and Ormskirk & Skelmersdale)

  • The Girlguiding Sefton County Standard which is traditionally displayed at all County services and events.
  • The World badge represents our place in The World Association of Girl Guides & Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).
  • The County badge is a combination of the red rose of Lancashire inside the Sefton cross.
  • The bird and the ntterjack toad represents the marshland and wetland areas of the coastal side of the county.
  • The plough represents the agricultural areas of the more inland areas of the county.
  • The black chain represents the industrial and dockland areas of the county.

Girlguiding Sefton badge