World Poetry Day 2021

For World Poetry Day 2021 we asked our members to write us a poem about what you enjoy doing at unit meetings.

This could be about their leaders, about favourite memories from camp or pack holiday – Anything at all – and here are the results…

Here are a few of the entries

1st Parbold and Dalton Guides in lockdown

In 20 – 20  Covid lockdown came,
Oh ! will life ever be the same?
What about the guides?  Alison frowned,
A new way of meeting will have to be found!

We started to meet each week on Zoom.
Always hoping we would end this soon,
The girls made us proud,  they appeared each week.
Activity cards were given a tweek.

We met for ages, summer came and went,
High tea, VE Day, in the bedroom a tent!
Badges galore, some Silver awards,
The Regional Mascot, Sisterhood in the Woods.

Its been so hard – but the girls were amazing,
We joined in everything, no time for lazing,
Now we’re waiting for camp, for climbing and walks
And meeting in person!!  – No more virtual talks.

Jean Holmes – Unit Leader, 1st Parbold and Dalton Guides 

Poem by Jan Branigan

I wrote this poem in the early 80s and came across it just after I received the invitation through Formby Trefoil to submit a poem.

The tents were pitched, supper eaten
A stillness fell over the camps.
A giggle, a shriek of laughter,
Tired voices relating many jokes,
The occasional blare of a radio
And then gradually the peace of the night.
The noise became that of the wind
And the trees and the rustling grass.
A gentle rain fell in showers
And sleep came, a good sleep
Without worries or dreams.

An early awakening to light and
The soft smells of damp grass,
Drifting into sleep again
To be awoken by cheerful voices
Announcing a new day
No rain, just a dampness.
The teasing of the fire
The wisps of smoke then the flames
Licking round the billycans.

Breakfast, a good meal,
Time to think about the day ahead
Hot coffee or tea, cereal, bread, eggs.
Chatter about the “midnight feast”
What was eaten and drunk, all at about 10 o’clock
“Can we play rounders?” the enthusiasm
And it’s only just eight thirty.
Peeling potatoes for lunch, washing up
All the jobs done, time to play – rounders.

Jan Branigan, Vice President, Sefton County